High School

Youth N.O.W. High School Program

Youth N.O.W. Student Center’s no-cost high school program provides academic support in a pro-social environment. High school programming consists of two components, a Learning Center and Coffee House. Free Wi-Fi is available for all youth.

Learning Center offers:

Contracted Tutoring: (One on one tutoring)
  • Students sign a contract with a guardian to commit to scheduled days and times agreed upon by family and Learning Center Coordinator.
  • Students must have a C- or lower to qualify for one on one tutoring.
  • Tutoring sessions vary from 1-2 hours a day, twice a week.
  • Grades are tracked on a monthly basis to report progress.
  • Monthly goals are set by students with their tutor and tracked by our Learning Center Coordinator.
  • Tutoring logs are filled out by students and tutors after sessions for daily reflections.

For questions about our high school tutoring program or to schedule an intake please call our center at 831-768-7998 or email contact@youthnowcenter.com.

Drop in homework help:
  • Registered students can come in at any time to work on homework.
  • Help from onsite tutors can be requested.
  • Students have access to laptops, school/project supplies, and printing services.

Coffee House offers:

  • Safe lounge space for youth to hang out with friends.
  • Full kitchen for youth use
  • Enrichment classes
  • Monthly social events
  • Five week summer program

Todos los Estudiantes de Preparatoria interesados ​​en asistir, por favor regístrese hoy haciendo clic en el botón de abajo:


Located: 31 Carr Street in Watsonville

Hours: 3-5:30pm Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays and 1-5:30pm on Wednesday



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