Jazmine Serrato

Senior at WHS

4 Year Youth N.O.W. Student

Where were you before Youth N.O.W.?

“Before Youth N.O.W. I would hang around/lurk around school until I got kicked out.”

What is your favorite thing about attending an after school center like Youth N.O.W.?

“Youth N.O.W. gives me a safe place where I have access to free wifi to get my homework done and hangout with my friends.”

How has Youth N.O.W. helped you grow as a student/personally?

“The staff at Youth N.O.W. helps me by checking in with me on my grades and encourages me to go to college, which has helped me grow a lot as a student.”






Sonia Gudino has been an active member of Youth N.O.W. throughout her four years at Watsonville High School. Sonia has been part of our contracted tutoring program for subjects that ranged from English to Statistics, and improved in every area she was contracted for. She has shown such motivation to better her academics and has accomplished to pass all her classes with a C- or higher leading up to her senior year. It has been a whirlwind of excitement this year for Sonia who has currently been accepted to California State University Monterey Bay, and Stanislas State University. Sonia is also a recipient of the CAP scholarship for Cabrillo College. Although she still awaits the verdict of other schools, we know that wherever Sonia decides to go to purse her higher education, she will be successful! We look forward to the future business women she will become and the great make up styles that will be trending with her astonishing style and creativity.



Ariana Tapia has been an active Youth N.O.W. member for four years now. She has involved greatly with our high school learning center. Ariana has participated in our contracted tutoring program for subjects such as AP US History and Algebra II. Ariana is someone who accomplishes whatever she sets her mind to. She was determined to succeed academically last year and would come into our Learning Center four days a week to work on homework and projects, utilizing the resources Youth N.O.W. provided. Ariana hopes to pursue a career in Sports Nutrition at Sacramento State University. We look forward to witnessing her success in the near future.



Etienne Green has been a Youth N.O.W. member throughout his four years at Watsonville High School. Etienne is one of our peer tutors who helps drop in students with their academics. He is always very happy to help with anything that needs to get done at the center, and is such a joy to have around with his huge smile and great personality! Etienne has always talked about his goals to attend an accredited four year University to pursue a degree in engineering. Besides his successes in the classroom, Etienne is also an all around athlete at Watsonville High School who plays on their basketball, lacrosse and track and field teams. Etienne has been accepted to California State Polytechnic University Pomona and University of California San Diego as well as a few others; he has recently made a decision to attend the University of Southern California in the fall! We are very excited for the bright future that awaits Etienne and are so proud of his great accomplishments.



Andrew Sanchez came to us this past year as a senior who was looking to help tutor his peers in our Learning Center. Andrew was always the first student in our center, and came in everyday excited to work. He is a mathematics genius! Andrew was our Learning Center Coordinators go to when she had any drop in students who needed math help. He is an amazing tutor, and enjoys helping students set and reach their goals throughout the course of the semester. Andrew has plans on attending either Stanford University or an Ivy League school. We are so excited to have Andrew as part of our Youth N.O.W. family and proud of all he has accomplished! We can not wait to see where he decides to go in the Fall!  


Davis 1

Anthony Davis has been heavily involved with Youth N.O.W. for the past four years, so much that he is now an assistant in our Coffee House. Anthony, better known as Davis is pursuing a career in the Marines. This year Davis has been working extra hard to train for boot camp in the fall. Davis hopes to climbs the ranks of the Marine to end his career as a Staff Sergeant. Throughout his time here, Davis has earned the reputation of being a great friend, and funny guy to be around. Although Davis will be leaving us after graduation, we are looking forward to seeing his contributions to the world. We are so proud of you Davis!



Andrea “Andi” Mares has been a valued member of Youth N.O.W. for so many years, and has help us with countless events. Her art can be seen all over our walls and her mark on our hearts. Andi wishes to pursue a career in linguistics as well as, Chicana studies. Andi has already taught herself to speak and write korean and wishes to learn multiple languages as she explores the world. Andi brings a fun and artsy style to Youth N.O.W. that we will truly miss. We know that wherever your journey takes you, you will do great things!



Crystal2 (1)

Crystal Lopez has been coming to Youth N.O.W. for the past few years and we couldn’t imagine life without her. In the fall Crystal will be attending the Academy of Arts in San Francisco to study fashion design! Crystal comes to Youth N.O.W. in the cutest outfits and we know the fashion world will suit her. We cannot wait to see Crystal’s designs come to life! Remember Crystal we are your biggest fans!



Copy of 12075024_1085313564812622_2623185705339799973_n

Manny Rodriguez was reluctant to come to Youth N.O.W. in the beginning but soon he couldn’t resist our charm. Everyday we could here his skateboard speeding up to our door and here would come Manny skateboard in one hand, sketch book in the other. We soon discovered Manny’s incredible talent and set him to work. Manny taught street art workshops, helped up with our signs and even came with us to events. We know Manny’s art will take him places and we want him to know he always has a home at Youth N.O.W.


Alexis' Camera 2-10-16 039

Golliath has been a member of Youth N.O.W. since the dawn of time, not really but since he was in middle school. Now our very own Golliath is grown up and going to Cogswell Polytechnical College in San Jose to study game design. Golliath can be found laughing it up or rapping kendrick lamar lyrics in our coffee house. Golliath enjoys art, gaming, his friends and music. This young man is intelligent, kind and always brings such joy when he comes to Youth N.O.W. We cannot wait to see him dominate the gaming world with his brilliance. Thank you Golliath for being a part of the Youth N.O.W. family for so long.



Pierce Seymoure has been a valued member of Youth N.O.W. for the past couple of years. Pierce is a tall, funny and kind young man who has always shown respect to all those around him. We are excited to hear that Pierce will be attending UC Santa Barbara to study History this Fall. Pierce wishes to obtain a higher degree and eventually become a professor of history at a university. Pierce we know you are going to great things in your life, and don’t forget us here at Youth N.O.W. because we will never forget you. We are so proud of you!




Aliyah McGuire has been a member of Youth N.O.W. during her high school career and we are so proud of her accomplishments. Aliyah is an AP student who enjoys korean culture, her friends and exploring technology. Aliyah will be starting her college career down south at UC San Diego studying hard and enjoying the waves. As one of the founding members of Digital Nest, Aliyah hopes to bring technology to underprivileged areas in hopes of being more diversity to the technological world. We know Aliyah will excel in all she does and we are so proud of her commitment to community. Have fun in sunny San Diego Aliyah!



Iliana Moreno has been an active member of Youth N.O.W. for many years and has brought so much to our organization. Although Iliana starts off as shy, at youth N.O.W. you can find her laughing, joking and talking up a storm in our coffee house. From teasing our staff to welcoming new students Iliana is a valued member of the Youth N.O.W. family. Iliana will continue her journey and study psychology at CSUMB this upcoming school year. We hope that she’ll come to visit us while she’s out there becoming an adult. We are so proud of you Iliana!



Joseph Guerrero has spent his senior year at Youth N.O.W. and has been a great addition to our family. Joseph came to the coffee house eager to make friends and dive into our organization. Joseph enjoys our creative writing classes, and can be seen cooking up some goodies for his peers in the kitchen. Joseph will be attending Cabrillo in the Fall to study Anthropology. Joseph hopes to become “Ross from friends” one day and pursue a career in Paleontology and work at the Smithsonian. Joseph we can’t wait to see the amazing exhibits you curate. We are so proud!



Gerardo Sanchez has spent his senior year at Youth N.O.W. and has quickly become part of the family. When Gerardo first came to Youth N.O.W. he would sit in the corner and write in his notebooks, but after some coaxing Gerardo finally warmed up to us! Now Gerarldo can be seen in our creative writing class, laughing with everyone is the coffee house or just hanging out on the couch. After graduation Gerardo plans of traveling the world in order to gain clarity, insight and independence in hope of inspiring his writing. We wish Gerardo all the luck in the world and cannot wait to see where he goes next. Remember the little guys when you become a New York Times best seller!




andiAna Laura Saldana has spent her senior year at Youth N.O.W. has has quickly grown close to our hearts. Within Ana’s first week of coming to Youth N.O.W. she volunteered to help us make decorations for our Friday Events and even helped clean up after we closed. Ana has a huge heart and her friendship is valued by all who meet her. We are excited Ana has chosen to pursue a career in massage therapy and aromatherapy. We can wait for Youth N.O.W. massages! Haha. We know you will make a huge difference in people’s lives, we all need to take a moment take care of our bodies. Thank you Ana for going out into the world and healing people’s bodies and minds. We are so proud!


12079195_1085312581479387_6199911736481445767_nElyssa Sanchez has been a member of Youth N.O.W. for a couple of years now and we are so happy to see her graduate. After graduation Elyssa is going to continue her educational journey at CSUMB where she will explore all that college has to offer. Elyssa is an avid fan of unicorns, chocolate and Korean pop music. During Elyssa’s time at Youth N.O.W. she has connected with our staff and shown us all what a wonderful girl she is. We are so happy you chose to hang out with us and we are excited to see where life takes you!


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Anthony Ramirez, known in the coffee house as “grandpa,” has been a wonderful addition to our Youth N.O.W. family.  Anthony can be seen jammin out in the coffee house showing off his amazing musical skills. Anthony is an accomplished guitar player and amazing singer. Anthony is attending UC Irvine in the Fall to study Bioengineering. Anthony hopes to pursue a career researching and developing prosthetics. This summer Anthony is training hard to earn a spot on UC Irvines Track team. We know that with Anthony’s hard work and determination he will make this world a better place.



Saul has been coming to Youth N.O.W. throughout his four years at Watsonville High School. He takes part in all aspects of programming. Most of the time you can find him upstairs in the Learning Center study rooms working on homework, or later on in the day in the Coffee House, partaking in the enrichment classes and events that go on daily. Saul has worked VERY hard these past four years and will be the first in his family to attend a four year University. After getting accepted to multiple schools which include New York Institute of Technology and Seattle University, he has made his decision to attend UC Merced and has received a scholarship which will greatly help him throughout his undergraduate education. We are so excited for the bright future that Saul has in store for him, and we know that his dream to become an aerospace engineer will soon become a reality! Way to go Saul!!



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