Esperanza Rodriguez

Sophomore at WHS

1 Year Youth N.O.W. Student

Where were you before Youth N.O.W.?

“I would go home and help out in anything that needed to get done or I would walk around town.”

What is your favorite thing about attending an after school center like Youth N.O.W.?

“I have a quieter place to actually do my homework and I don’t feel as stressed when it comes to school.”

How has Youth N.O.W. helped you grow as a student/personally?

“Youth N.O.W. allows me to have a place to do my work and socialize at the same time. I can go into the Learning Center and do homework and get help from tutors. Yet I can be in the Coffee House and also hang out with my friends. It has really helped me a lot to have a place to go to after school. Some of the staff has helped me get through some issues that I was going through, they are always there to listen.”

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